Sunday, November 8, 2015

Inside, you will be astonished

A longing has been placed inside you to be seen by another, but is unveiled only through your willingness to first see yourself, exactly as you are.

The burning to be held will ripen and bear fruit, but only as you provide a field of holding for the aching truth of aloneness.

The yearning to be touched will come alive only as you allow your vulnerability and your sensitivity to be touched, and to flower within.

Look carefully as your lovers are everywhere. While it may appear otherwise, they are here now and are looking for you, though they may always unfold according to hidden and secret ways.

The non-ordinary lovers of the somatic dimension are materializing at all times out of the unseen and carry the fragrance of revelation. As emissaries of wholeness, they drip out of the unknown and emerge out of the gooey, muddy earth. They are awaiting your presence and will give their life to enter the bedroom with you. Inside, you will be astonished at what happens next.

Photographer unknown