Thursday, November 26, 2015

An unprecedented portal of wholeness

At times, you may be asked to travel into the very groundless and contradictory landscape of the emotional world, without any understanding of what is being asked of you. It is so open here, but simultaneously disorienting to the mind that is longing for answers. It is as if everything you were so sure about only days before has fallen away into the vastness.

Unmetabolized feelings, orphaned sensations, and vivid images are surging in the somatic field, seeming disconnected and expressions of utter chaos. But things are not always as they seem as you approach the threshold of wholeness. The invitation has been made: trust in the process of disintegration and the intelligence of immediate experience.

Yes, it may always be disturbing to stay embodied to the burning feelings and sensations that appear alongside the dissolution of old dreams and the way you thought it was all going to turn out. But in the commitment to meet what is appearing with presence and with holding, you may discover that this destruction is sacred, unbearably creative, and soaked with reorganizing wisdom.

Before you turn from the confusion and scramble to transform or heal it with learned process, open into the uncertainty, the hopelessness, and the breaking of your heart. It is there will you will find life, longing to erupt and shatter the dream of partiality. For each visitor of the inner and outer worlds is unfolding in the radiant here and now as an unprecedented portal of wholeness.

Photo by Erez Marom