Tuesday, November 10, 2015

An extraordinary meeting

There are pieces of you wandering in the forests of the inner and the outer worlds. Do you sense them nearby? Do you feel them gathering around you?

Sadness, shame, loneliness, and grief. Abandoned joy, unbearable openness, and long-forgotten aliveness. Even the ancient ones anxiety, unworthy, and unlovable have arrived and are circling.

Look carefully as they are being assembled for an extraordinary meeting. Your raw, sensitive heart – your tender, ripening body – the most outrageous host.

Open to your fellow travelers and keep them close, for they are weary from a long journey. They have not come from outside to harm you, but are only longing for one moment of your presence and your care. They have not appeared in order to be ‘understood,’ ‘transformed,’ or ‘healed,’ but have come spinning out of the unseen only to be held. Held, not ‘healed.’ For what you are has never been unhealed.

While they may appear as obstacles along the way, they are only seeking wholeness. If you will provide sanctuary where they can unfold and illuminate, they will reveal their essence as pure, wisdom-allies on the raging path of metabolization by love.

Artist unknown