Thursday, October 15, 2015

You are always being held

The ancient ones have emerged out of the unseen, to remind you of how alive you really are. They have come not as enemies, but to reveal wholeness – to purify and to wash away that which is partial and outdated. Provide safe passage for the visitors of the somatic world and offer them a home for integration.

When you can no longer find any ground in which to rest, you are standing at one of the unique portals to the sacred. While the mind may spin and urgently seek relief, a doorway has opened revealing an important message:

Slow way down. Relax into the shakiness. Rest inside the achy chaos. And infuse the surging material with your care, as it lights up your belly, your heart, and your throat with pure essence. While it may appear that you are longing for a shift, for some ‘transformation,’ and for respite from the unbearable openness, see that you are only ever longing for your own presence.

Dare to see that what is arising now need not be ‘healed.’ You are not broken. You are alive. Allow the trance of ‘healing’ to dissolve into the vastness. You need not be healed. Only held.

You are always being held, though in ways the mind may never understand. Look carefully.