Tuesday, October 13, 2015

For there is no "next" moment...

In each radiant here and now moment, you come one step closer to dissolution, to leaving this miracle world behind so that you may return to the unknown. While many are convinced another opportunity will be given, it is possible that you will never again be able to behold the oranges, the reds, and the yellows of the bounty of autumn, parting a veil to the unprecedented dimension of love that is here now.

It is possible today will be your last – your final opportunity to commune with the sky and the moon, with the fragrances of a new morning, and with the possibility of caring so deeply for the one who has appeared in front of you. Your last chance to taste the cooling essence of water, to allow the breeze to penetrate you, and to crumble to the ground in awe at the display of the beloved and her body around you. To see that your lovers are everywhere.

Please do what you can on this day to behold what is truly happening here, to the rarity of *this* moment, and offer the gift of presence to those around you. There is no love coming in the future, no healing tomorrow, and no grace around the corner. For there is no “next moment.”

Today is the only day you will ever be able to speak kindness to another, to hold them so close, to attune to the way they are making meaning of their tender experience, to practice intimacy with the sensual world, and to commune with the co-emerging particles of dark and of light that are the signature of this realm.

While at first glance it may appear that today is yet another ordinary Tuesday, there is nothing ordinary about being alive in a star of love. For there are billions of beings in billions of stars who will never have the opportunity that you have been given… right now.

The glory of the San Juan Mountains, not too far from my home in Colorado, photographer unknown…