Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ambassadors of presence

Each feeling, each emotion, and each sensation in the body appear as gifts from beyond, with their own unique color, signature, and fragrance. As ambassadors of presence, they arrive with a secret longing: see me, know me, hold me, let me all the way in. Please don't turn away.

These friends, the allies of the sensual world, are sometimes moving toward you, at other times moving away. But in one moment of penetrating union, you enter into their world, and allow them fully into yours.

Whether the visitor of raw sadness, tender joy, naked vulnerability, achy grief, or unbearable loneliness appears today, they do so through revelation of a secret door hidden in the center of your heart. Open this door and invite them in, for they have something very important to share.

To the degree you are willing to provide a home for these ones in your body, in your psyche, and in your neural pathways, it is to this degree that you will enter into intimacy with another, and with the vastness of the world around you.

Photo – “Autumn Dreams” – by Kristjan Rems