Saturday, September 12, 2015

She will play with multiplicity and oneness alike

There is one who moves in the inner worlds, and wanders through realms of dark and of light. In her quiver are arrows of sadness, joy, loneliness, and bliss, which she uses to practice intimacy with all things.

She has seen into the veil and no longer has a bias for union over separation. She will play with multiplicity and oneness alike in order to open hearts and neural pathways of aliveness. And is prepared to make use of all energies equally to seed the mandala of love around and inside her.

She is utterly whole, yet unbearably broken-open, remaining translucent and dancing outside the conceptual world.

Though you may not always be able to recognize it, you are this one. No matter how your life appears to be unfolding or what dreams are dissolving in front of you, you are a pure, lucid emanation of the here and now. You have everything you need to realize, despite the very vivid appearances to the contrary, that you were never separate from love.

Please don’t forget who you are.

Photo by Guldehen Yogurtcu