Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rest for the journey ahead

There will be times, as a sensitive human being, when you are met with waves of despair, loneliness, confusion, and depression. While the conventional world may scramble to convince you something has gone ‘wrong’ which must urgently be remedied, you are attuning to the wisdom buried in the rich soil of the dark.

As the dream dissolves of the way you thought it was going to be, and as what you thought was so important evaporates in front of your very eyes, stay close. Yes, the questions are burning inside you, but there are no answers to be found. Not yet. You are in a place the mind cannot travel and there are no longer any conceptual reference points around which you can organize your experience. For it is far too wild and creative here.

Dare to see that nothing has gone wrong. And that the confusion, the uncertainty, and the groundlessness are clear reflections of the death of an old dream, and the heart-wisdom contained within that. For until you are willing to die – and to allow the old hopes and fears to reorganize – new birth can never occur. While you may be tempted to scramble away from death and into what is next, honor the sacred passage and surrender the path of abandonment.

Yes, something is dying – everything that is less than whole within you. But this is a blessed death.

Provide a home for the lonely one, the confused one, the hopeless one, and the disappointed one. For these ones have come as the emissaries of wrathful and disorienting love in disguise, marinating you and dropping seeds of creativity inside. In ways the mind will never understand, they are providing rest for the journey ahead.

Photo by Larry Johnson