Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A holy disenchantment

There are times when you will be asked to practice intimacy with the uninvited guest of all-pervasive disappointment. When the beloved takes form as the unraveling of egoic solidity, you lose your enchantment with who you thought you were and everything you thought you knew. This is a holy disenchantment.

If you will provide sanctuary for it, your disappointment will unfold as natural aliveness – drenched with particles of creativity and illumined with heart-wisdom. Infuse it with tender awareness and watch as it unveils oneness with the gooey earth, with your muddy body, and with seen and unseen beings everywhere.

Receive the offering as it emerges out of the center and rest in the achy truth that the untamed activity of love will never conform to the way you thought it was going to be. For the deflation of old dreams is the secret gift of the beloved one.

Though it may appear that you must urgently convert your disappointment into encouragement and hope, remember the ancient vow you have taken to no longer abandon the raging fires of the here and now.

Your disappointment is pure and is of the substance of healing transmutation. It is a special portal sent here to provide direct access into the magic of the sacred world.

Artist unknown