Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What story will you tell?

There is a moment as you transition out of the dream state into waking reality that offers a unique opportunity to explore the nature of awareness and what it means to be sensitive, attuned, and utterly alive. An invitation to remain astonished by the unfolding dance of dark and light, and how particles of love are starting to take shape as a new day.

It may appear to be another ordinary Monday, but things are rarely as they appear here. Your habitual, familiar sense of self has not yet crystallized: you do not yet know if you are ‘awakened,’ lost, a 'spiritual' person, happy, sad, separate, connected, a success, a failure, 'healed' or completely neurotic – these dreams have not yet formed. The story of 'me' has yet to be told.

What story will you tell? What vision will love reveal through you? What old dream will you allow to fall away, into vast open space? What worn out, second-hand narrative will you allow to dissolve into the womb of loving presence?

As you slow way down – and with heart-vision peer behind the veil of conventional, luminous appearance – you will see that in every flickering instant a portal appears to the sacred world.

As you shift your attention into the unprecedented activity of the here and now – descending into pure, somatic aliveness – you will discover there is never any such thing as an incomplete moment.

Photographer unknown