Monday, August 17, 2015

What if the movement of love never feels safe?

What if the movement of love never feels ‘safe’? What if it was never, ever meant to give you that? But has come pouring into your life offering something much more radical, brilliant, and creative?

There is nothing wrong with a wave of safety washing through your nervous system. Or your having a preference for feeling safe. But what if it wasn't safety that you were ultimately after, but wholeness and a transforming, reordering, burning aliveness? And for this aliveness to flower inside your body and take form as pure intimacy with all things? Perhaps this will never ‘feel’ safe; for it is just too alive to limit itself to any one feeling state.

If you are waiting to 'feel safe' before you allow yourself to be vulnerable, to take the risk of intimacy, or to step all the way in to this rare and precious life, you will always be placing a subtle burden on those around you to relieve you from the groundlessness that is your true nature. But this burden is not theirs to carry. As long as this unconscious requirement is alive within you, it is not possible to fully love yourself or others.

Perhaps love has no bias, after all, to whether a temporary wave of safety is passing through – that this need not be a requirement for you to fully participate in the miracle of the here and now. In the vastness that you are, love is revealed to be that open space in which safe, unsafe, certain, uncertain, known, and unknown emerge dancing as one - not as enemies and energies which need to be 'healed' - but as lovers playing and unfolding in union.

When you are totally unclothed, of all of your spiritual concepts and of your demand that the here and now conform to your hopes, fears, and unrecognized identity projects, love will show you what you are. When you remove the burden to know what is going to happen next, that you remain permanently free of wild heartbreak and disillusion, and that you feel safe before you take action in the world of time and space, your naked, ripening nature is revealed... to be of the substance of love itself.

When the known crumbles away, all that is left is your burning heart. There is nothing more alive than that. There is nothing more sacred than that.