Sunday, August 9, 2015

Trust in your own direct experience

There are many that will sell you water by the river, seeking to pull you into a dream of their own making. They will lure you in with promises of healing, of grace, of bliss, and of awakening – touching your longing just enough, activating the yearnings of your heart, and reminding you of the possibilities which are raging inside you.

But please tread carefully. Trust in your own direct experience. Inside your body, raging through the entirety of the rich somatic landscape is a retinue of inner guides. Each sensation, each surge of emotion, each wild, untamed feeling – the intelligence and creativity of the universe is here. Here are the sun and the moon, and the stars and the waters of the sacred world.

Perhaps the beloved has no interest in your celebrated ‘awakening,’ in your landing in some safe state of bliss, in spiritualities of specialness and acquisition, or in the transcending the messiness of the human heart. She has become bored of stories of ‘no-self,’ lists of spiritual accomplishments, and the ways the journey has been used to provide a new sense of identity.

And above all, she has become weary in your frenetic quest for other, ‘higher,’ states of consciousness for she has always, already provided you with *this* state of consciousness right here, a most rare and exquisite gift uniquely designed for your own unfolding. Please do not dishonor what you’ve been given through the chasing of a dream; for what you are and what is happening here is far too precious for that.

While you may be tempted to sip from time to time, you need not take refuge in the water that is being sold by the river, for the water of life is alive within you, flowing through each and every cell of your ripening body. It is eternal and infinite and will never, ever be found outside you. There is no one who can give this to you, no process or practice that will produce this within you, no blessing you need to receive to know what you are.

This most blessed love-water has come as nectar to form the cells of your heart, the strands of your DNA, and is the substance of the kindness that you give to others. It is the breath inside the breath, closer to you than your own heartbeat.

Rest and swim deeply in these waters. And allow yourself to remain astonished at what comes next.