Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Trust in the holding field of your body

When your emotional world is alive, it can feel as if you must act urgently to bring relief to the fire within. A familiar sense of overwhelm is present. The panic has returned.

In these moments, slow way down. Rest your tired mind and your achy heart. Descend out of the vivid narrative and into the earthy, muddy ground of your body. Surround the sacred material with your presence and offer safe passage to the temporary, wavelike intensity that is washing through. It is not an enemy but a harbinger of integration.

The inner landscape is being painted by the abandoned ones of your holy nervous system, seeking the light of cohesion and wholeness. Dare to consider that nothing has gone wrong and that you have not failed. It is only the light of the path, come in a form the mind may never understand. Trust in the holding field of your body.

The beloved is coming to know herself, through the vastness of somatic revelation. She is the artist and your heart her canvas. Your body and your senses are her poetic offering to a weary world.

Art by Paula Nicho Cumez - Proceso y VisiĆ³n de los Acuerdos de Paz