Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The unknown waves of the heart

There is such a deep wiring to bring relief to waves of intensity as they erupt in your tender nervous system, surging through your raw, achy heart.

“Oh, I know what this is” – this is ‘sadness,’ this is ‘heartbreak,’ this is ‘rage,’ this is ‘confusion.’ Or, if you’re a bit more ‘spiritual’ – it’s ‘kundalini,’ it’s the ‘powerful light of the Divine,’ it’s the ‘dark night of the soul,’ it’s the ‘Goddess’ coming alive within me. I know what it is and I am in control.

But the beloved is wild, untamed, and uninterested in the movement of the known. Within her body, love will never be pinned down, understood, or used. She is unleashing transmutation into and through you, but in ways the mind may never understand.

Receive her secret blessing and behold: you have no idea what ‘this’ is – for ‘this’ is holy and consecrated. You are standing on hallowed, unknown ground. Please honor what is moving within you.

You have never, ever met ‘this’ wave before. It is pure wisdom essence, longing for new form and seeking your unique, unprecedented somatic pathways, your neural network, and your heart as its crucible and vessel. Please provide safe passage to the emissaries of the beloved, as they appear in peaceful and wrathful forms, dancing this realm into being, come to remind you of the majesty of what you are.

While it may appear to be an ordinary Tuesday, nothing is ordinary in a star of love. If you had any idea of how rare it was here – or your role in the unfolding of the sacred world – you would die of pure astonishment.