Thursday, August 13, 2015

Into the vast somatic field

As you take the risk of intimacy and allow another to matter deeply, you may discover that just by being themselves they will provide endless opportunities for you to practice holding and embodiment with your most tender, excruciating core vulnerabilities.

While there may always be a part of you that resents them for this, you might consider bowing before the altar of the great ‘other,’ for it is by offering sanctuary to the abandoned ones that you will unlock the crucible of metabolization.

As you peer beneath the veil and into the center of the vessel, you quickly become astonished as base metals are converted to gold before your very eyes. But it is no ordinary gold that is being transfigured here.

Each time you descend with your miracle awareness under the spinning, dense storyline and into the vast somatic field, your blessed, ripening nervous system is consecrated with the non-ordinary gold of the beloved. This is how you are prepared as a pure vessel for the safe passage of love here.

Please do whatever you can to help others, to untangle the narratives of unworthiness and unlove, that they may finally come to rest in the majesty of what they are.

Empathic Plant Alchemy, 2011 – art by Saya Woolfalk