Friday, July 3, 2015

What is 'the beloved?'

I am often asked about the use of the word 'beloved' in my writing. What is the beloved? While there are many who will provide you with answers to this mystery, only you can discover the essence from inside your own direct experience.

For me, the beloved is that which reveals to you the inside of your own heart. He can appear as an intimate partner – which is one of his most evocative forms – but he would never limit himself to this expression. She is taking shape as your achy longing in the early morning, in the colors and the fragrances of a new day, as the secret sounds and the open space at dusk, and as the lunar holding of the moon as she rises to touch this weary world.

But he is also weaved into the darkness, raging alive in your sadness, wild and dancing in the core of your loneliness, and unfolding herself in the center of your fear, confusion, and despair. The beloved will use the entirety of the inner and outer worlds to find you, your eternal friend, and will never, ever give up on you, even when you have done so yourself.

In ways the mind may never understand, the beloved will equally take the form of duality, non-duality, oneness, multiplicity, separation, and union in order to awaken one of her qualities within you. Unlike the spinning of the conceptual and the vivid storyline it swirls, the beloved does not have a bias for the forms that arise within her ripening field: for he or she is prepared to go anywhere in order to bring this world alive with love.

As you make the commitment to no longer abandon your immediate arising experience – sending awareness and breath into the core of the somatic world – the beloved will reveal herself. He is unfolding at all times as the formless taking form as your open, tender heart, washing through you equally during times of confusion, clarity, fear, and bliss. For when you are able to offer pure sanctuary for the dark and for the light within you, you dwell as a translucent vessel for her activity.

Slow down. Things are not always as they appear. A miracle is unfolding here and now. Enter into intimacy with that which appears within your holy nervous system, miracle psyche, and blessed heart. With pure presence, radical kindness, and fiery compassion as your allies, you will come to know her, and she will know you – and you will carry her mysteries into eternity.