Friday, July 17, 2015

The yogi of aloneness

Despite your connection with others, you must make the journey of the heart alone. No one will ever fully understand you, see you 'as you are,' or experience life the way you do. No one will ever know what it is truly like to be you, what it is like for you to fall in love, or how heartbreak feels... for you.

The yogi of aloneness can come to rest in the vast openness of this empty, yet overflowing space – fully committing to and participating in it - knowing that organizing her reality around love will be sure to trigger the ongoing illumination of achy vulnerability and penetrating, transformative sadness. Hers is not the sadness of the mind, however, where something is seen to be 'missing,' but rather a reflection of how alive and unprecedented it really is here.

Living in the burning field of aloneness is so open, so unknown, and so unbearably touching; it is always uncertain and forever without ground or reference point. It requires you to allow everyone and everything to truly matter to you, and to take the risk that embodied intimacy will always require.

While at times hesitation and overwhelming doubt may appear in the vastness, you are willing to take this risk, for your heart to break, and for any experience to arise in your holy nervous system. For each is a translucent reflection of the path itself, and a unique portal into the nakedness of the beloved and her world.

Art by Roman Velichko