Thursday, July 30, 2015

The seed of deflation

You need no longer struggle to maintain a state of ‘positivity.’ You can remove the burden to always be happy, to have it all together, and to know what is coming next. Allow the aggression of the positive to fall away into the mandala of wholeness.

The erupting path of the heart will never conform to your hopes, dreams, and fantasies. How fortunate. Rest in the achy truth that the role of the beloved is to seed deflation in the field of being. While the mind will spin to interpret this disillusionment as a mistake, it is pure and sacred, a holy gift given only to you.

Yes, awakening may always be disappointing, from the perspective of hope and fear. In this sense, the journey is eternally hopeless. But it is in the weaving of a home for your hopelessness – and in the providing of safe passage for it to unfold and illuminate – that the dimension of love will open.