Friday, July 24, 2015

Ripening as a vesel of attunement

At times, you may be aware of a burning in your nervous system, in your heart, in your psyche, and alive in the pathways of your inner essence. It is the call of a sacred friend, a substance released from the beloved into your body, initiating and rewiring you so that you may hold the mysteries of love in this world.

While it may appear the burning is an obstacle on the path, it is the very path itself. It is your lifeline to the sacred. Before you cut into it with spiritual process, allow its nature to reveal itself as an ancient, unmet part of you – something you’ve somehow forgotten in the craziness of it all – sensitizing and ripening you as a vessel of attunement.

Things are not often as they appear here in a lonely, weary, tender star of love. Give everything to help others in any way you can, so that they may finally come to rest in the majesty of what they are.