Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A portal into the aliveness of the sacred world

A new week has arrived. While it may appear it is an ordinary Tuesdat, nothing is ‘ordinary’ within the secret caverns of your body and inside the miracle pathways of your unfolding nervous system. Everything that appears is fresh, unprecedented, and a portal into the aliveness of the sacred world.

While it may seem that you have felt these feelings before, tasted these emotions for ‘years,’ and have already swam in the waves of sensation that are erupting in the here and now, please look again. Not with conditioned eyes – and via the worn out path of seeking and the way you thought it was going to be – but with the non-ordinary eyes buried in the very core of the cells of your heart.

Listen carefully to the prayer that is emerging – falling out of the sky, coming from your ripening body, and up and out of the gooey, muddy earth: show me what I have yet to see, what I’ve been avoiding, and what is longing to materialize out of the darkness and into the light of awareness. Invite the orphaned material of the vastness back into this moment, and infuse it with the tender holding of loving presence.

As the intensity increases, as the feelings and emotions become more lucid and more vivid, and as the sensations reach survival-level in their surging, the temptation will be to conclude that some cosmic error has occurred, that you have ‘failed,’ that you are unlovable as you are, and that something is wrong with you that must urgently be corrected by spiritual process. You must fight or flee, immediately, recover ground and find relief from the somatic burning.

But this burning is the threshold to the aliveness you are longing for.

In just one moment, so ordinary but utterly non-ordinary and outside the flow of time, these sacred guests of the nervous system are revealed to be emissaries of integration and allies of wholeness, not here to work against you or to serve as obstacles on the path, but ancient companions come to remind you about something you’ve forgotten about the nature of love – and about how vast you truly are.

Art by Lyse Marion