Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sacred pathways of attunement

As love takes form as your miracle emotions, sensations, feelings, and as the achy aliveness of your one, beating heart – slow way down. It may seem like another ordinary Saturday, but within the somatic brilliance that you are, new grooves are forming and deepening in your holy nervous system. Sacred pathways are being laid down – of awareness, sensitivity, empathy, attunement, and compassion.

It is inside these pathways that the beloved is resting, welcoming you back home into the mandala where you have always been together, where you have actually never left, where you will be crafted as a vessel to carry love into this world.

As you are discovering, it is not always sweet, peaceful, and light here – at times the beloved will invoke her emissaries of wrath, energies of fierceness, and allies of the dark, in order to show you something about love that you may have forgotten. Stay close.

Look carefully and see that your present, alive experience need not be ‘healed,’ but finally held. Dare to see that you were never ‘unhealed.’ To allow in the implications of this will end one world so that another may be birthed.