Sunday, June 28, 2015

Receive the transmission of primordial rest

It can be so exhausting, the ancient struggle to be something other than what you are. Give yourself the gift of sacred pause on this new day, sanctuary from the weary search to 'change,' to 'heal,' to 'transform,' and 'awaken.' You are tired, worn out from abandoning the here and now in the name of great project of the improvement of 'me.' Receive the transmission of primordial rest.

Set aside your questions and demand for clarity, certainty, and answers - and sink into the sensual world. Step into the mandala of inner and outer nature, and feel the aliveness that is here now. Open your heart to the shimmering forms around you, blooming in front of your very own eyes and inviting you into union with natural radiance. Dare to consider that nothing is missing and nothing has gone wrong. Allow the worn out grooves in your holy nervous system to be replaced by new neural pathways of presence and compassion.

Allow today to be a day of solace from the weary journey, from finding 'answers' to questions, and from changing yourself from one thing into another. Whatever state of consciousness is arising now is the perfect place to start - to meet yourself, others, and the sacred world as if for the first time. You need not go anywhere else or become anyone else to know this. For love is here right now.