Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pure sanctuary

It can be astonishingly liberating to discover that the very intense display of emotion, feeling, and sensation need not be understood, transformed, or even 'healed' by psychological and spiritual process. But is arising, now, to finally be met, held, digested, and integrated into the vastness that you are.

Your sensitivity need not be healed. Your vulnerability need not be corrected. Your achy connection with all that is need not be transformed.

As you descend under the very vivid storyline of ‘me and other,’ of what is missing, of who is to blame, of how you have 'failed' and are unworthy of warm, creative love – and into the wild, unprecedented territory of the somatic world – what is awaiting you there is freedom, in the very place we least expected it.

Right in the very core of your feelings of abandonment, rejection, anger, and shame – hidden in the very essence of your sadness, loneliness, anxiety, and longing – pure sanctuary. You need not transform or ‘heal’ any arising form or engage in imaginary wars by use of spiritual concepts, but create a home for them to unfold and reveal their nature as open awareness itself.

For it is out of this home that pure love will flow.

Art by Flora Aube