Sunday, June 28, 2015

Please don't forget who you are

Out of the mandala of wholeness emerges the one who has renounced all hope and fear. For her, there is no longer a bias for oneness over multiplicity, joy over sorrow, or for light over dark, for she is equally committed to whatever appears, prepared in any moment to participate fully, and ready to transmute any raw material into skillful means to help others.

She has lost all interest in any state of consciousness other than this one, other than the outrageous gift that is emerging out of the beloved in the wildness of the here and now. Dreams of a grace coming in the future, awakening in the days to come, and fantasies of a life of invulnerability have dissolved into the fires of transformation.

Whatever arises in her experience is none other than the path itself, revealed to be of the nature of untainted, translucent awareness. While everything in the inner and the outer continue to spin around her, she remains astonished as the substance of love drips from her body and out into the sacred world.

Please don’t forget who you are.

Artist unknown