Monday, June 29, 2015

Here in this body are the sun and the moon

There is a body inside the one that is visible that is a field of pure creativity. With the miracle of awareness, descend into inner space. The aliveness here is astonishing and will never betray you, if you will trust in the wisdom of your own direct experience. Slow way down. And trust.

All healing emerges out of the body. Whether sadness is there—or grief, anxiety, loneliness, joy, contentment, or bliss—the body is without bias. Just behind the veil the emissaries of the beloved are waiting, longing to awaken one of her fragrances within you. See that this nervous system is no ordinary meeting place, but is a mandala of crystalline luminosity, the alchemical ground where the great metabolization through love will occur.

As the great tantric sage Saraha reminds us, “Here in this body are the sacred rivers: here are the sun and moon as well as all the pilgrimage places... I have not encountered another temple as blissful as my own body.”

Photo by Professor Jay Pasachoff/ Williams College – the union of sun and moon