Wednesday, June 10, 2015

An illuminated portal into pure, shimmering presence

There is a longing that has been placed inside you... a cry for pure aliveness, to fully participate in this very rare and sacred love world that we have miraculously found ourselves in.

Please do not postpone your participation - until you have 'fully healed your past,' become 'awakened,' landed in some state of safety and invulnerability, are experiencing only 'positive' emotions and have gotten rid of the yucky icky negative ones, found the perfect soul mate, or the most groovy spiritual career. There is only now.

What is arising within you Now is pure glory, and an illuminated portal into pure, shimmering presence.

If you do not infuse this world with your gifts, with your heart, and with your unique signature and fragrance, something will be lost forever. For it is up to you to provide wild, raging love with safe passage here. The stars, the ocean, the sun, and the moon - these ones are looking to you.

*This gorgeous piece of art by Eli Vokounova -