Monday, June 15, 2015

Alchemical vessels of presence

In our closest relationships – with friends, family, children, co-workers, and especially with our lovers – it is very likely just by being themselves that our unresolved core vulnerabilities will be triggered. Often, the habitual response is to blame, resent, and complain about them endlessly, while simultaneously fantasizing how much better our lives would be if they would be different. While this may feel empowering in the moment, if we look carefully we may see how disempowering it truly is.

It can appear that those around us are the 'cause' of our struggle, but we are being asked to look closer, to step inside the crucible with the great 'other,' whether that 'other' is another person or is somatic material we have lost contact with and remains in an unmetabolized state within us.

As we learn to stay close to the fire as it burns within, we may come to discover that there is no 'other' – there is only the vivid display of the beloved as she weaves the phenomenal world, carving these hearts into alchemical vessels of presence in which love can finally come alive here.