Saturday, May 30, 2015

For vulnerability and aliveness are one

One of the most surging, alive invitations on the path of love is to explore the ways that you engage and catalyze drama and conflict in your relationships with others. If you look carefully, with curiosity and kindness, you may discover how the drama is serving a distractive function, designed to keep you out of very vulnerable states of being.

But the sore, tender places - as they unfold as pathways of somatic intelligence - are now opening in your body, unlocking inside your heart, and calling you into the center, where the beloved is awaiting your loving presence.

For many I speak with, there is such a natural longing for a life of aliveness, of connection, of ripening intimacy with all things. But this aliveness is not possible without traveling through the portal of vulnerability. For vulnerability and aliveness are one.

One of the greatest acts kindness - for yourself and for others - is to explore the very specific ways that you exit vulnerability - through your core beliefs, through splitting off from intense feelings and sensations, and through behavior designed so that you... never... have... to... get... too... close. Even your most precious spiritual beliefs and practices can be used as passageways of somatic dissociation.

As you begin to discover the ways you are re-enacting old strategies of distancing and protection, it is important you do not shame yourself or conclude that you have failed, that something is wrong with you, or that something must urgently be 'fixed.' For this is the path of love. You can honor the old strategies which have protected you up until now, from the open, unknown, and groundless mandala of love. Until now, it has been kind to cut into that much nakedness, that much tenderness, and that much creativity.

But something new is calling. The beloved, in all of his or her forms, is now inviting you into the vastness. You can hear the invitation, as it spins out of the stars and up out of the gooey, muddy earth. Slow way down.

Everything is okay, exactly as it is. The path is everywhere. Stay close. Rest. Lay your hands on your heart. Infuse your entire being with loving kindness. Everything... is... okay. You are okay, exactly as you are... right here. Right now.

Art by Lyse Marion