Saturday, April 18, 2015

Who is the beloved?

I am often asked about the use of the word 'beloved' in my writing. What is the beloved? It is a ‘person?’ Is it something transcendent or ‘divine?’ Is it simply ‘you’ in disguise?’ Only you can answer this question from inside your own direct experience. This mystery can never be fully revealed to you by another.

The beloved is that which reveals to you the inside of your own heart. He can appear as an intimate partner, which is one of his most evocative forms, but he would never limit himself to this expression. Her body is taking shape as your longing and as the sunrise of a new spring day, as the dripping nectar in the blooming lilies, and as the lunar holding of the moon as she rises to hold this weary world.

Look carefully and you will see her everywhere.

But he is also weaved into the darkness, raging alive in your sadness, wild and dancing in the core of your loneliness, and unfolding herself in the center of your despair. The beloved will use the entirety of the phenomenal world to find you, your eternal friend, and will never, ever give up on you, even when you have done so yourself. She will equally take the form of duality, nonduality, oneness, multiplicity, separation, and union in order to awaken one of her qualities here, for she has no bias toward one realm of experience over another. All are her cells, her organs, and shards of her pure presence.

As you fall into her body and open yours to her, the question of whether she is ‘outside’ you, ‘inside’ you, or simply the ‘you’ that you had forgotten – ah, she has no interest in you ever ‘resolving’ this question, for her swirling somatic majesty is the question itself, and beyond resolution. Love will never be resolved.

As you are willing to provide a home and sanctuary for all of you, and practice kindness toward whatever is arising in your immediate somatic experience, the beloved will come alive in your heart. For when you are able to offer safe passage for the light and the dark within you, you are truly able to love others and to be a clear vessel for her activity here. It is then you will know her, and she will know you, and you will carry her mysteries into eternity.