Sunday, April 19, 2015

The mandala of brilliant presence

When you feel lost between the worlds, you may become aware of a burning longing to resolve something, to convert the sacred question into an answer, to scramble back into the known, and to urgently locate a reference point in which you can finally make sense of the vast creativity that is erupting into your experience. 

When your emotional world is on fire, you need yourself more than ever. Before you frenetically spin out to seek relief and to water this fire with the habitual strategies self-aggression, slow way down, seed your body with space and kindness, and reaffirm the ancient vow that you made long ago to no longer abandon yourself. 

While your longing may appear to take an infinite number of forms, as you slow down, return into the here and now, and soothe your achy nervous system, you may come to discover that ultimately there is only one longing: for your own presence. 

Soak the mandala of your present, embodied experience with particles of presence and flood the fire with an ocean of kindness. While it may appear that something is ‘wrong’ with you, that you are not okay, and that you have ‘failed’ yet again, inside the mandala of brilliant presence things are rarely as they seem. 


  1. Matt, I am so pleased to have found you! It feels like a serendipitous event :) I hope you don't mind me using some of your photos in my own blog as photo quotes. I give a link to the post in your blog when I do this. If you would rather I not do this, please let me know and I will change the images. It is also rather uncanny that you are in Boulder, CO - the home of the "author" of Steps to Knowledge.

    Here is link to the post in my blog where I used your image.

    I am very pleased to know of you and your inspiring work.

    1. Dear Alison, it's nice to hear from you and thank you for your kind note. You are welcome to re-post any of my writing on your blog or elsewhere, however I am not able to provide you with permission to use the photos found here, as they are not owned by me. I try to list the copyright owner/ artist in the cases I can locate that information, however there are times when I am unable to track down the actual artist. Take good care.