Sunday, April 12, 2015

The doorway to a wild love

The next time you get triggered, pause and bring your attention back into the wisdom-field of your body. There is something that wants to be met, that is knocking on the door of your heart. It is not a mistake, an error, or evidence of pathology or that something horrible has gone wrong. It is your own presence, wildly creative and intelligent, longing for just one moment of your attention, your care, your kindness, and your awareness.

Look carefully and see what feeling state you will do just about anything to seek relief from. Slowly invite it into the mandala of presence and see if it is something that must urgently be changed, shifted, transformed, or 'healed.' Or rather if it has come to provide a special portal into your own aliveness.

Perhaps the greatest gift you can offer yourself at this time – the most radical act of self-compassion – is to gently shift your awareness out of the very compelling story and narrative and back into the fire of your own presence. This is the doorway to a wild love.

You may notice that by doing this, over and over and over, the tangles and the knots of the body, the heart, and your precious, creative psyche and nervous system will start to unwind.

What you are is a vast field of awareness, warmth, and creativity. Rest there.