Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Inside the mandala of aliveness

Inside the mandala of aliveness, you may always be called to bear witness to the falling away of old dreams, of who you are and how you thought it was going to be here. It can be both terrifying and exhilarating to watch as all of the familiar reference points, beliefs, and ideas about love dissolve into a pregnant field of hopelessness and deflation.

This deflation is one of the secret envoys of the beloved, one of the clarifying arrows in her quiver, sent from beyond to seed your essence with particles of wholeness and luminosity.

Through your ripening body, other envoys arrive – old unmet guests of sensitivity, vulnerability, sadness, and bliss, washing out your nervous system so that you may attune to beings everywhere. She has even called in her allies of the phenomenal world – including the colors, aromas, and majestic visions – so that you may finally rest in the radiance that you are. 

Art by Surrealeve