Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Emotional yoga

When the fire rages within, set aside the learned, habitual activity to either deny it or to seek urgent relief. Stay close, open your heart, and infuse your inner world with love and presence. Allow the intelligence of these fierce and wrathful guests to wash through you, providing sanctuary for a sacred metabolization. You are vast. 

Inside the commitment to no longer abandon yourself you will practice emotional yoga, laying new grooves in your nervous system to replace the ones that say something is wrong with you and that you must 'heal' your feelings. Your feelings, emotions, and sensations are not pathology and are not in need of 'healing,' but are the very essence of the path itself. You were never unhealed. Your body is a pure wisdom field. 

Practice intimacy with your present, alive experience and through the eruption of presence and kindness you will ignite a revolution.

For this is a yoga of holding, not healing. 

Photo by Erwin Olaf