Thursday, April 16, 2015

A revolution of presence and compassion

As a little one, you learned the ancient responses of fight or flight, as the best way you knew to care for yourself, in response to overwhelm in your precious little nervous system. To deny what you were experiencing - or to spin out in a frenetic scramble to obtain relief from it - these archaic strategies were intelligent and helped to keep you alive.

But here you are now, longing to know love as the organizing principle of this sacred universe and of this ripening grace-body. You need yourself now more than ever. You have capacities now that you did not have as a little one in your family of origin. As the intensity comes, you can slow way down, stay close, and infuse each feeling and emotion with your presence and your holding. Paint these abandoned ones with light and watch the miracle unfold.

See that nothing is happening to you from the outside. These arising feelings, emotions, and fiery sensations are only long-lost pieces of your tender heart and your raw open body, seeking admittance back into the vastness and the majesty of what you are. Practice a wild embodiment and intimacy with the visitors of wisdom and allow them to wash through you. For this is the wild path of metabolization by love.

Every time you numb or urgently spin off to seek relief in story and abandoning behavior, you reinforce the neural groove that your experience is invalid, that it is unworkable, and that you are not capable of metabolizing the aliveness that you are longing for. This might be seen as the ultimate act of somatic aggression and violence; a miracle is being revealed and is aching for your presence. Stay close for just a moment and you will lay down a new groove in your brain and nervous system - a portal and passageway of love. You can hold so much.

Open the door to the one who is knocking, see that it is you, and ignite a revolution of presence and compassion.