Thursday, April 30, 2015

A non-ordinary gold

As you take the risk of intimacy and allow another to matter to you, it is inevitable that just by being themselves they will provide you with a sacred opportunity to come into direct contact with your core vulnerabilities.

While there may always be a part of you that resents them for this, you might consider bowing before the altar of the ‘great other,’ for it is by way of creating a home for the split off pieces of your heart and your psyche that a portal opens, unlocking the crucible of metabolization.

Inside this crucible, base metals are being converted to gold before your very eyes. But this is not an ordinary gold. Each time you stay within yourself and choose the path of non-abandonment, the somatic field is washed with the non-ordinary gold of the beloved, which is none other than the substance of pure, transmuting love.

Art from the glorious Red Book by Jung