Friday, March 6, 2015

Secret messengers of the dark and of the light

As you continue on the path of love, you will be sure to meet many orphans of the heart, who have been trying to get your attention for so long. Sadness, shame, rage, grief, and loneliness – secret messengers of the dark and of the light, longing for just one moment of your holding, your care, and your loving awareness. 

As a little boy or girl, your nervous system was not able to provide a home for these ones, a sanctuary where they could share their wisdom and unique gifts. But they have not given up. They will continue to make themselves known, in obvious and hidden ways. 

Whether as your friend or your lover, or as the vivid figures of the dream world, they will never abandon you. They come out of the body of the beloved as harbingers of integration, seeking your illumination, and permission to come back home into the vastness that you are.

Art by Steven DaLuz