Sunday, March 1, 2015

Perhaps there is no 'secret'

Traveling the path of love is simple, but 'simple' is not synonymous with 'easy.' The very dynamic self-narratives, limiting beliefs, schemas, templates, internal working models, and attachment styles - whatever our orientation - are cellularly embedded. While they are not who you ultimately are, their appearance is vivid and colorful – and as guests of your miracle nervous system – deserved of your care and attention.

We are human beings with sensitive, beautiful, gorgeous brains, hearts, psyches, and organs – what a raging, eruption of grace that is.

We hear compelling stories about how if we learn how to 'be happy all the time,' manifest everything we want, and discover 'secrets' about how to change our lives through thinking, that these archaic organizing principles will yield: the charismatic new teacher, the right 'five steps,' the latest powerful technique (no, really, this one is IT!) - that somehow the 'good other' will arrive and dismantle it all, landing us in unending bliss, with no more vulnerability and risk of heartbreak, happy all the time, somehow magically resolving the wild, groundless terrain of love.

But there is no resolution to love. There is no reference point to rest and take refuge in. There is no fixed state. There is no 'secret.' For love is alive, and a firestorm of unprecedented creativity. There is no technique that will ever touch the wild majesty that you are – that is this tender, raw, beating human heart.

What you are need not be 'healed,' but held. There is no magical solution waiting for you around the corner. Burn this dream world up and start exactly where you are. Send kind awareness into your body, your heart, and your psyche... and listen... and see. Each and every experience you are having is valid. It is all path. Set aside the ancient activity of abandoning your experience - as was likely done to you as a little one - and see what has always been here.

Based on the illuminating realities of neuroplasticity and the clear seeing of emptiness-luminosity, the narrative of 'me' can be re-told, the brain and nervous system can be re-shaped, and the cells of the psyche and heart can be re-arranged. Of course it is love which is the re-arranger.

If you will slow way down and make an unconditional commitment to infusing your present experience with space and kindness – and finally attune to what is here – new grooves will form and deepen – golden pathways of awareness, sensitivity, empathy, attunement, and compassion.

It is inside these pathways that the beloved will be there, welcoming you back home into the mandala where you have always been together, where you have actually never left, where you will be crafted as a vessel to carry love into this world.

Art by Paul Heussenstamm