Saturday, February 7, 2015

You are okay

When your emotional world is on fire and you become lost in the story of the suffering one, return to the aliveness of your body, infuse your experience with kindness, and rest deeply in inner and outer nature.

It is an act of compassion to shift your sacred awareness from the narrative and into the aliveness of somatic being, from thinking 'about' your experience to actually 'having' it. Slow way down, bring your senses on line, and allow yourself to see that no urgent action is being called for.

You are okay. You need not 'resolve' or 'heal' anything... for now. Your experience is valid and contains important information for your journey. Everything here is path.

Offer a holding environment in which you can rest. With your presence, love, and commitment to radical self-care, allow the intensity to be contained in the vastness that you are. You are okay.