Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The ocean as the ultimate holding environment

It is so nourishing to be resting at the ocean again. For me, she is the ultimate holding environment, washing out this this nervous system as she unfolds herself deeper and deeper inside me.

By way of the tides, she works with the moon to open me even more to how tender it really is here, how sensitive this body has become, and just how little I truly know. Each wave of feeling, emotion, and sensation arises and dissolves back into the space-like nature of pure awareness, further revealing her secrets of separation and union.

I’m not sure what more could be wanted, other than this very moment, these exact feelings and sensations, and this most achy tinge of sadness knowing I have taken birth in a world where love is alive. Wandering with no ambition, no goals, no past, and no future, I dissolve into her pregnant blue womb.

Photo by Allison Christ of the little park near where I'm staying...