Thursday, February 5, 2015

An alchemical field of wholeness

You want to give joy, happiness, peace, and love to others. It is so natural to want to uplift those around you. Perhaps the greatest gift you can give to another, though, is your willingness to provide a home for the unwanted within you.

For when you are in direct contact with your own grief, sadness, anxiety, loneliness, and confusion, an alchemical field of wholeness emerges in the space between, granting a cosmic sort of permission for the other to bring illumination and kindness to these qualities in themselves.

By providing holding and safe haven for the guests of the heart, you remove the burden from the other to metabolize these energies for you; for this is your task, not theirs.

If you will hold the dark and light in balance, you will find yourself in the center, where your heart and the heart of the 'other' have never been two.