Wednesday, January 28, 2015

You will never find more love

No matter how far away you feel – no matter how neurotic, confused, lost, alone, or disoriented – you are in the perfect place to take the next step: to meet whatever is arising in your experience with presence, with space, and with kindness. As you say 'yes' to the aliveness of the somatic world and give it room to unfold, it will whisper its secrets upon you.

Each moment of your life is an invitation to give yourself to this, over and over and over again. Each person that appears is the beloved in disguise, each color one of her emissaries, each fragrance an envoy of luminosity. Each feeling a pathway or portal of illumination. Look carefully and you will see. It is all valid and utterly workable. The path is everywhere.

The beloved is unfolding herself into this reality at all times, revealing the truth that you are always already whole. In just one sacred now moment, receive her transmission of cohesiveness, resonance, and integration. Peer behind the veil and step into the meadow of the heart.

Dare to see that nothing has gone wrong. Your emotions need not be 'healed,' but held, and provided sanctuary. You need not 'let them go' for they will let you go in the field of loving presence and non-abandonment. You have not failed, but are being invited into a wild truth of what you are, moment by moment: You will never find more love for love is what you are. You can rest now. And call off the weary search.