Tuesday, January 20, 2015

You are this one

In each moment the beloved is evoking the sacred archetypal process of death and rebirth within you. With each breath, something in you is dying - who you thought you were, what you would 'accomplish' here, what you thought you knew about love, what you thought you needed, who your 'friends' were, what it actually means to 'heal,' what was actually important. Yes, something is dying—everything that is less than whole within you. This is a blessed death.

In the face of such transition - which is the luminous essence of the path of the heart - the tendency is to rush urgently to re-birth, scramble to the light, retreat to the known, and cut into the primordial nature of groundlessness. Or, to shame yourself for not having it 'together' - "I've been working so hard for so long - where is the freedom, the love, the grace - why have I been forsaken?" You have ended up on the cross. Everything is falling apart, and you want to put it back together. This is so natural. It is always an act of kindness to take care of yourself in the best ways you know.

For one moment, though, please consider not abandoning death, in your rush to be re-born. For in the dying away of the partial, of the old, of the conditioned, you enter into the mandala of creativity. This your primordial home - and there is profound rest here - however this home and this rest will never, ever correspond to what has come before, to the ideas of the mind, of safety, of security, and of hope and fear.

While it may often appear that you are 'falling apart,' you might consider the possibility that you were never 'together' to begin with. What you are is beyond that which comes and goes, that which stays 'together,' and that which 'falls apart.' You are the radiant field in which death and re-birth co-arise and dance together, in unimaginable union.

Even the greatest star in the greatest galaxy will cycle from 'together' to 'apart' - you are this one.