Sunday, January 11, 2015

What story will you tell?

There is a moment as you transition out of the dream state into waking reality that offers a unique opportunity to explore the nature of awareness, of what this life is truly about, and of the creative and revolutionary ways that particles of love are starting to take shape as a new day.

Your habitual, familiar sense of self has not yet crystallized: you do not know if you are awakened, enlightened, a 'spiritual' person, happy, sad, a success, a failure, 'healed' or utterly neurotic – these dreams have not yet formed. The story of 'me' has yet to be told. What story will you tell? What vision will love reveal through you?

In these moments which are truly out of time, it is only you and the beloved; it is her realm, her womb, her environment, and remains outside the mandates of conventional life. Inside this mandala there is no ground or support for egoic process; it is not dictated by your hopes, dreams, 'needs,' and fantasies. The inner caverns and chambers of this mandala are made of pieces of the unknown and the unseen and not reachable through conceptual apprehension. Entering this mandala is entering into the cells of your own heart.

Becoming familiar with this very lucid area of consciousness allows you to get a behind-the-scenes look of how it is that the mysteries of light continue to spin shards and fragments of love to create the relative world. And just how miraculous your body and your senses truly are.

Stay in bed with the beloved for a few extra moments, keep the door closed, remain unclothed of concept, and stay close. And see what he or she has to say. 

Art by Tracey Kessler – "Persephone Awakening"