Saturday, January 10, 2015

What is here, right now, is pure revelation

It can be important to remember that 'spirituality' is a concept. As are words such as 'silence,' the 'Self,' 'presence,' and the 'now.' The most these words can ever do is to point to a living reality within you. 

It is natural along the journey to develop a strong bias toward one state or experience over another, whether it be silence over noise, no-self over self, nonduality over duality, presence over absence, formless over form, joy over sadness, clarity over confusion, divine over human, or some other 'dimension' over this one. 

But what if reality had no such bias? What if the beloved and her emissaries here – the wind, the oceans, the stars, the colors, the moon, and the earth herself – did not share these preferences? And were equally prepared at all times to take form as noise, as self, as duality, as depression, as sadness, as hopelessness, as confusion, or as this very dimension, right here, exactly as it is, in order to awaken one of the qualities and fragrances of love within you. 

It is a new day. You are here. Right between heaven and earth. Things may not be flowing exactly as you'd like them to be, but your heart is beating. Your senses are open and ripe, your brain and nervous system is online. You have what you need. There is no awakening coming in the future. There is no grace that will arrive tomorrow. And there is no love waiting for you in the next moment, as soon as your current embodied experience is replaced by some dream of the future. There is no mythical spiritual journey to 'complete' or some final resting place of permanent invulnerability. 

There is only this moment. We never know if we will be gifted with another. It is only now that you can open your heart, hold and touch another, speak words of kindness, fall in and out of love, enter into union with the moon, enter inside the yellow sunrise and the violet sunset, and be a clear vessel for love in this world. 

The beloved will always find you – and when he or she does – will use the entirety of the phenomenal world to bring your heart alive, and to use your body, your psyche, and your senses to continue to show you how precious and rare it is to have taken birth in a star where love is alive. 

What is here, right now, is pure revelation.