Saturday, January 17, 2015

And I will miss her terribly

If I say the beloved is outside me, I deny the illumination within, lose touch with the majesty of presence, and disconnect from the wild terrain of this beating heart, which is ripening here and now.

But if I say she is inside only, I burn out of existence in the denial of her body and the precious form it has taken right in front of me.

There is one beloved who is within and another who dances without. Give everything to know this union.

While the wise ones have counseled to give preference to the beloved within, some of us appear to be of the hopeless – crazy, disheveled, and too foolish to see. Lost in the form of the beloved as she unlocks the secret caverns within us.

As the friends of the violet, the blue, and the yellow emerge as a new day, it is clear that if I allow myself to fall any deeper into the mysteries of this union, I fear I will never return. And I will miss her terribly. 

Photographer unknown