Sunday, January 18, 2015

Allies of wholeness and integration

At times, you may notice you're feeling a bit down, not quite alive, flat, uninspired and just not all that connected. Perhaps this has triggered some discomfort in those around you and you've even started to question it yourself. Clearly something must be wrong, in need of fixing? – what about the 'happiness,' all the work you've done – shouldn't you be feeling grateful and joyful at this point?

Before you abandon the emissary of melancholy, turn toward it. Life is not only 'happy,' 'alive,' and 'joyful' – the path is everywhere. The portals of grace are always open, offering direct contact with how raw, fragile, and open it really is here. You are full-spectrum and there is vast space within you for anything to arise and be met. In the commitment to no longer abandon any part of yourself, you open to the eternal nature of what you are.

Stay close to the messengers of the heart as they arrive early in the morning, at dusk as the sun is falling out of the sky, and in the evening as the circular one showers the oceans with lunar transmission. These guests have come not as obstacles on the path, but as emissaries of the path itself, as allies of wholeness and integration, sent by the beloved to reveal something about love that you may have forgotten. 

Art by Lyse Marion