Thursday, December 18, 2014

The end of your world

To love we must take a risk: the end of the world as we have come to know it. Everything we thought we knew, all of our most sacred beliefs, all of the 'needs' we've determined are so essential, the entirety of our endless requirements of life and those around us. All of our excuses, blaming of others, fantasies of being unlovable as we are, and list of ongoing reasons we cannot fully and consciously participate in this miracle world, right here and right now. We must allow these to be taken apart, piece by piece, disassembled in the wild and alive transmutative furnace of the beloved.

In this way, love is not safe. We know this. It is revolutionary. In many ways the beloved offers absolutely nothing; well, except for everything. As much as we try, it is not possible to find our way to love. Rather, love finds us and has its way with us, according to its terms. In many ways, love is not something we can choose, for in such a choice we are no more; the separate self cannot choose its own annihilation. But this reality isn't so appealing in a world that is consumed with feelings of 'happiness,' safety, and security; with being 'seen' by others, scrambling to meet our endless laundry list of 'needs,' and 'manifesting' whatever we want. It is not easy to rest in the truth that the beloved is not all that interested in these things; but only in the ripening of your body and your heart, so that he or she can come alive inside you.

In the beloved's world, there is no longer any movement to transcend or rise above anything – the movement of transcendence is obliterated and replaced with a raging intimacy, the call to come closer to life, closer to others, closer to the precious thoughts, feelings, and emotions who appear as guests from beyond, as luminous doorways into love’s reality. It is in and through intimacy with what is, in unbearable relationship with this sacred world, that love reveals itself.

In the end, we may see that the journey of love is not about how we can get more of it, or make use of it, or harness its energy for our own special life of awakening, safe ground, and certainty; nor is it some 'high' state that we experience or otherwise exploit for our own ends. But rather, we become profoundly curious about how love will use us, how love will pour through this holy human reality of time and space, making use of this particular body, mind, and heart, and of these particular senses as portals, out through which it can seed its ever-transformative essence into this rare world.