Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Inside the alchemical vessel of transmutation

At times you are asked to stay close with the traveler of aloneness and to rest from the weariness of a worn out path. In the crucible of the unknown, the fire of the beloved is ablaze, burning away everything that is less than whole within you. It is inside this alchemical vessel that the mysteries of dark and light are mingled and transmuted, revealed to be one.

As you deepen into the womb of translucence, everything you thought you knew about love, about why you're here, about yourself, about the 'other,' is turned to ash. But this is a most sacred ash, weaved of particles of creativity. Despite the uncertainty, you are so alive, your body is a pure open field, and you are attuning to high-voltage heart-wisdom. You are being asked to allow the beloved to ripen you from the inside.

No longer wedded to a bias for bliss over fear, for union over separation, or for oneness over multiplicity, you are free to touch the highs and lows of this world, hold it all inside your body, and transmute the darkness into kindness, for the benefit of beings everywhere.

In many ways, your life is no longer your own, for you have given it to love. It is this giving that is your only yoga now.   

Art by Lisa Yount – transmutation within the alchemical vessel.