Thursday, December 11, 2014

Falling through empty space

The story is unyielding, the questions are relentless, and there is a familiar sense of urgency: you must find answers, soon; you must come to resolution, get 'clear' on what's next, figure out who you are now, discover 'why' you have come here, and find respite from the uncertainty. It feels as if your very survival is dependent upon it.

The rug has been pulled out from under you. You are falling through empty space with no landing in site, on fire to locate a reference point from which you can orient.

It is natural to want to leave the realm of death and spin quickly into rebirth, to put everything back together, and to resolve the contractions. But the beloved has no bias for rebirth over death. She is holding you close and working with her envoys in the collapse and deflation of the old dream of 'me.' For she loves you this much.

She is appearing as everyone around you—as the colors, the wind, the moon, and the tides, to reveal to you that nothing has gone wrong. No mistake has been made. There is only path here. In all of her shapes and forms, she only continues to unfold her message for you, out of the vast, tender silence:

Please do not disavow and split away from death and push into rebirth prematurely. For it is only within the luminous soil of the darkness that the jewels hidden there can transmute and emerge as wild love in this world.