Monday, November 24, 2014

Utterly whole, yet achingly broken-open

At times it may seem as if you are a drifting homeless one of love, unsure of what will come next or of what is truly being asked of you. Nothing is making much sense these days, other than the aliveness of the sensual world. You are wandering through realms of dark and light, your only remaining refuge the tenderness that has formed as the very cells of your heart.

Inside your body there are friends of sadness, joy, loneliness, and bliss, which you practice intimacy with, doing anything you can to help others around you. You have seen beyond the worlds and no longer have a bias for separation or union, for you are willing to engage each equally in the seeding of the mandala of love.

You are utterly whole, yet achingly broken-open. And remain naked and dancing outside the conceptual world.